The Responsible Question: Our Goals

I recently decided to try and write a guest post for another blog. In the blog that I titled “The Path to Happiness,” I spoke about goals and other people’s expectations. While that paper was focused on more personal goals, of course in my style, we will be going bigger. We will be looking at the goals that humanity can work towards which can be your personal goal too if you want. Let us look at what humanity as a species can work on together that might make the world a better place.

“Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.” – David Joespeh Schwartz

For starters, let’s define the difference between a personal goal and a group collective goal. These two items can certainly work side by side but they are to separate things. First, a personal goal is something you can work on that would affect yourself. For example, becoming a better writer or posting twenty times a day. While these goals can indirectly affect those around you, their primary focus is on yourself and on your own efforts. A group’s goals will be broader than that. The group itself might have a goal like, market to a wider range of people or get an A on our group project. While those sound similar, we need to remember a singular person and a group entity are two different things. A person within a group can certainly want the same things the group wants and in fact, them doing so will help the group better achieve its own goals. However, that person is one person and a group is multiple people, which is really obvious at first glance. Think of a soccer team, all the players want to win the game and the group’s objective is to win also. If you take out the goalie though, then suddenly there is no one to defend the goal and the team is weaker for it. Each individual person is strong on their own but without their goalie, the group can’t as easily accomplish what they want and they suffer for it. As such, you can think of a group almost like one singular person. It’s players like someone’s arms or legs. I think you get the picture now though, that group goals and personal goals, while similar, are still separate.

Which leads into our big, gargantuan question today. What should the goals of humanity be? Of course, there’s no better team than the human race and we are all on the same side, so what should we be striving for? Wait, what’s that you say? We aren’t on the same team and we argue all the time? Whaaaaat? Well, why didn’t you say so earlier, let’s do something about that! Oh, we are? Like what? If you say talking together and reading this blog, then yeah, that’s a good step! If you say, nothing, I just watch the news and eat popcorn all day then we might need to try a little harder my friends. But that’s ok, that’s what we are here for now, and I’m here to tell you that finding a goal for humanity to work towards, whether we are united now or not, is a good step. The reason for that is like how most charismatic leaders work.

“Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.” – John C. Maxwell

If we can find a vision and chase it, then others will naturally come to our side and agree with us. Eventually, with enough work, that vision becomes the vision of many and like a disease full of hope, it spreads worldwide. Need, I mention Martin Luther King Jr, or Gandhi, or other large names? This practice has even been used for evil, with the likes of Hitler or any other names I can’t think of off the top of my head. So, of course, we should use this tried and test method for ourselves to spread positive change around this planet we live on.

So let’s find that vision, what do we want to drive humanity to do as a group? We need a common ground for starters. Martin Luther King had a dream for equality amongst races in America and he got hundreds of thousands to chase that dream with him. I’ll be honest, this is the hardest question I’ve asked so far and it may be the hardest I ask ever. There are a lot of opinions and not everyone will be happy with what is pursued. Personally, I see a future where scientific pursuits that benefit humanity are the normal thing to see. A people dedicated to making life on earth easier and safer for everyone and every other living thing here with us. Because as the dominant species we have a responsibility to take care of others, it’s about time that humanity stops being in its infancy. Nothing says adulthood better than taking care of others after all.

However, I understand that other people will see other futures. There are as many visions out there as there are people after all. Which is why I want the common ground goal that we focus on not to be a scientific revolution or even a revolution at all. What I want, is humanity to finally start taking responsibility for its actions. To think that the things that we do don’t have consequences are the acts of a child and if I wanted to babysit, I’d go do that. I believe we should own up to anything and everything we may have done that’s been bad or wrong and then to move on to the next step. Transparency of governments is a good start and just general honesty and respect for its people the next. Governments I believe are or should be designed with the people in mind. It’s a team just like any other and its citizens the main players. The government can’t exist without the people, so we shouldn’t be letting the government push us around like we don’t exist.

If the world has any hope of uniting under a common goal than honesty and trust is the only way to achieve that. My goal I want to set for humanity now is exactly that. Ask our governments to be honest and open not only with us but with other governments. There is no better team than the human race and the sooner the big wigs up top realize that the sooner we might make some progress.

Anyways, those are just my ideas as usual. Let me know what you think and what kind of goal you see the world undertaking. What’s your vision of the future? How do you see earth twenty years from now? Say it all and let’s talk about it and let me know if you want me to write about anything specific, I’m running out of ideas a little. On that note:

Have a splendiferous day.


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  1. With science I see we will be able to cure more disease. We will live longer so we will have more time to learn what is really important. Not judging others or even judging ourselves harshly. We must not let pride cause us to choose the wrong path. This can cause us to be selfish and not treat others with kindness and compassion.

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    1. Of course, I agree. In order to travel down that path, a number of conditions need to be met, however: First, a group of people who strongly believe in that vision too. Second. the funding to support them and make it happen. Third, space needed, physically and politically, to carry out the items they need to carry out. Lastly, regulation in some sense to ensure that no one uses the science for evil purposes. Thank you for reading my paper 🙂


      1. Yes, always an issue. Science can be used for evil purposes. There is always a rotten egg in the bunch it seems. It is important that patents ate really there for there children. Not just physically, but be there for open communication. We must raise compassionate children.

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