Perspectives on Life and Creativity

Alright humans of the world, welcome to my second reflection. I would like to start off by saying that I’m very happy with the traffic I’ve been getting the last couple of days. It’s very uplifting to see the modest number of views since I’ve really only started this week. Which reminds me to once again share my vision with you all. I want to change the world, and this is one of the ways I intend to do it. In order to spread the messages I want to spread though, these blogs need to reach every corner of the world (or at least attempt to).

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton

Whether people agree with my opinions or not isn’t even an issue at all. One thing I wanted to make clear was that my Question series is designed to inspire creativity and critical thinking. I want to try my hardest to stay in a neutral stance and only shine a light on issues I feel we aren’t thinking about lately. My job isn’t to persuade you or make you believe a certain thing, only invite discussion and help keep your mind open. I firmly believe that a calm, open-minded discussion is sorely lacking these days. Even as I write this right now, there is a group of people screaming at each other in my apartment building about something. Ironic, that I write about calm discussion when all I hear is hysterical screaming.

Which brings me to something I had thought about before and just remembered now. It’s what is the role of humanity? Some would call it the meaning of life. The short answer from me, none of course. Life is what you make of it after all. However, that’s exactly my point at the same time. I believe humans to be a few things and if I had to sum them up in a few words it would be this: conflict and learning. A conflict for obvious reasons, like war and arguments, but its more than that. Think of humanities roots, back when we had to fight for survival and try not to starve to death. Once humans learned how to better face the problems around them, they didn’t starve quite so much. So, now what? It’s kind of boring not fighting for your life all the time, lots of time on their hands now. Oh, I know! That group of other humans has some things I like and I want them. Since I don’t need to worry about starving, let’s try them on for size. As such, wars and fights of varying degrees happen. If we were more worried about other things and not so bored with the status quo, that might not have happened.

Regardless, humans learned from that too, just like they learned and grew from everything else. They learned that war is bad and death is bad so they should tone it down whenever they can. However, what are they supposed to do with all that time on their hands? It seems like a human can’t fight with themselves quite nearly as well as they fight with others. You could even say we are experts at taking out our frustration on other things. Ironically, even a pacifist will fight, just not with fists and guns. A pacifist will fight with words just as easily. Words can be weapons that take over the world too. Which is similar to what I’m doing, minus conquering the world. For now.

“Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” – Ronald Reagan

Which brings me back to the meaning of our lives. I’ve decided that my meaning in life should be to shake the status quo. If humans have a goal or something to work for, they are amazing team players. We just need to create a goal all humans can strive for, instead of just sitting around and doing the daily grind. My goal is to find that purpose by brainstorming with all you beautiful humans. By thinking outside of the box that we have all been born inside.

So, for this reflection, I wanted to list my steps to creative thinking, though its nothing really that grand.

  • First, I think of an obstacle or an item or idea, and I list out its main components. (Like I did in my last Question essay).
  • Next, I think of what the opposite of each of those items would be and what that results in.
  • Then, I think about how that affects everything around me and around said ideas.
  • Lastly, I then find ways to compromise and meet in the middle, or in a way that satisfies me.
  • Also, if that still doesn’t work, I go completely off the scale. Forget opposite, go different dimension.
  • If you get the color red and the opposite is blue, then I am going to go with a lovely shade of coffee colored brown.

Basically, my only real tips for being creative are just being open-minded. It’s impossible to create new ideas if you are stuck in old thinking after all. Innovate your mind and then innovate the world I always say, starting today. Anyways, that’s all for this reflection, I hope you enjoyed reading my scattered thoughts and I hope you’ll join me next time too. Make sure you let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions at all. Especially about website designs, I have no idea how to best put this site together but gosh dang it, I’ll try.

Have a splendiferous day.


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