The Modern Question: Ideologies

Alright wonderful people of this wonderful world, let us explore the next question that has been on my mind. That is, in my words, the modern-day religious institutions of the world that sway and effect important countries. And no, even though I say religion I am not actually talking about religion itself. That my friends, is a topic way to hot to grace this budding page at this time. What I speak of, which I’m sure you noticed from the headline, is ideologies.

The reason I compare ideologies to religions is the importance they play on a political stage, just at different points in time. In the old days, back when the internet would have seemed like witchcraft, religious institutions had a heavy hand in political and military matters. For example, the Spanish Inquisition (which was never expected), the crusades, and any other holy war. These days, events like that happening are considered crimes against humanity and terrorism. In England, King Henry VIII had to make a whole new church system just so he could re-marry basically. During that time, the Catholic church had such powerful influence over most of Europe, it basically guided medieval politics for years.

Which leads me to why I’m comparing ideologies to religion in the first place. They both have the same sort of impact on the world around them during their times. Neither are bad by themselves but were used by higher powers for political gains. Capitalism and Communism are today’s religions in many ways. Allow me to make comparisons to my religious examples that are so similar it’s scary. During the Cold War, we have the red scare where politicians were pointing fingers and ruining reputations by claiming their opponents were secret communists. This is similar to the Spanish Inquisition and equally as unexpected, just replace the loss of life with the loss of order and there you have it. Not to mention, the several proxy wars that happened due to the effects of the Truman doctrine, that allowed war to be waged in Vietnam and Korea. Without fear of the spread of a different ideology, America would have never set foot in those conflicts. Much like the crusades, which was a war between two religious groups who fought over what both sides thought was rightfully theirs.

This leads me to what my question is today. What was the point of all that? I mean, for starters, is one more right than the other anyway? I’m a firm believer in that a lot of life is just a matter of perspective. What we believe to be morally good or morally bad is just because of how we are raised and the world around us. I’m not saying that we should be cruel and say we were raised that way as an excuse. We can rise above the limits people set on us, we do it all the time. However, imagine this: the world as we know it is completely different, instead of law and order, there are chaos and destruction. Children are born and raised in a dog eat dog world. So, do they grow up to be as we see it, morally good? Maybe, but I think more often than not, they would learn and grow in a way that prioritizes their own survival above others. Why? It’s normal for them, that would be their common sense. Things we believe to be good would be considered weird or unusual.

Which leads me back to the main topic, we are born and raised in the world directly around us. If we are born in a capitalist country, we are naturally more biased towards the lifestyle we are used to and vice versa. To say one lifestyle is more correct than the other is to see things in black and white in a gray world. So, what can we do? My suggestion is to stop seeing things as right and wrong and compromise based on the facts. So, let me state the facts about the two main ideologies of today. Capitalism isn’t perfect and neither is communism. Then, is any ideology perfect? My answer: not yet. Frankly, nothing can be done that will make everyone happy. However, in today’s world, I think a compromise shouldn’t be so hard either. If we step over our egos just a little, we can do something greater than ever before and rise above our limits.

“It’s when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached.” – Mike Huckabee

So, let’s do it right here, right now. Let’s make the perfect (kind of) system that can change the world and most people can get down with. Let’s start with finding the limitations of the two main systems. First, let’s begin with the weaknesses of what I’m most familiar with: Capitalism.

  • The wealth gap is far to big, 1% of the population owns more wealth than 50% of everyone else combined.
  • A system of selfishness has been created, pull the other person down so that you can get ahead.
  • Money, money, money, money. It’s all about money, nothing can be done without money, it becomes a cage to people without it.
  • Everything is run from a business standpoint, so many privatized items that don’t care about people, only profit.

Now, let us list the strengths:

  • Promotes growth and development through competition.
  • Rewards hard work most of the time, and encourages ambition.
  • Doesn’t infringe on human rights to get things done.
  • Higher standards of living for most of the countries people.

Now, Let’s list communism weaknesses:

  • Doesn’t ever become what it’s supposed to be in the end, the government never steps out like its supposed too.
  • Doesn’t think about or understand the makings of human ambition, which is why I believe it always becomes a dictatorship in the end.
  • Doesn’t reward hard work, all effort is shared with everyone equally, which sounds nice but people like to feel special.
  • Doesn’t promote innovation as much since it doesn’t allow people to step out and compete.

Now, communism strengths:

  • People are supposed to look out for each other, it’s less about the self and more for the many.
  • Everything is more accessible to the citizens and everyone gets equal opportunities.
  • The government has full control of all goods and services, might sound bad at first but if done properly can be helpful to the citizens.

As I have listed, each main ideology today certainly has its strengths and weaknesses. However, for us to make a brighter tomorrow, we need to do better than everyone before us has ever done before. So, let us brainstorm my wonderful humans. I’d love to hear your ideas on what you think we can do to improve or even create a whole new system. Personally, I’m leaning towards a new system and here’s my idea to get the ball rolling. It matches ideas between both groups and my idea is a merit-based system of government. It works like this, for making important contributions to society and those around you, you are rewarded with something. Maybe money or some other form of reward might be better. This merit-based system would drive people to want to help and contribute to others around them for the reward. It combines a communist idea of for the people with a capitlist idea of competition. We can create that competition by only handing out a number of rewards in a given time frame. Biggest contributors get the prize but here’s another idea. If no one presents ideas significant enough to help society, no one can get any prizes. After all, we don’t want half-hearted attempts from people just looking for money. I think my idea embodies both parts of people, their dark sides and their light sides.

“We will not agree on every issue. But let us respect those differences and respect one another. Let us recognize that we do not serve an ideology or a political party; we serve the people.” – John Lynch

Well, anyways, that’s just my idea to get the ball rolling. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or thoughts to contribute. One important item I want everyone to think about seriously is, what do you think the role of government is? I feel that in today’s world, we’ve forgotten why the government was created in the first place. Anyways, sorry if the post is long-winded or extra long today, once I get typing I just can’t stop. Next paper will be another reflection so stay tuned for more ranting from your favorite person.

Have a splendiferous day.


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